Hangangtueo Cruise(14 o'clock)+Pongdangpongdang 2manwongwon

한강투어 크루즈(14시)+퐁당퐁당 2만원권


36,900 KRW


Items included in the product.

Items Included :
Items not Included : Fully personal expenses apart from included items
Available hour: 1 hr before the closing time of the store

Product composition (패키지 상품은 장바구니에서 단독으로만 결제 가능합니다)

Reservation is confirmed.

You can check whether your order is confirmed within 2 business days. This product is not available immediately after purchase. Please note this product requires order confirmation or reservation confirmation before use. If the order cannot be comfirmed, the order may be canceled. (Business day: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Closed on legal holidays)

Precautions for Reservation

The voucher is valid only on the specified date and time.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

For Refunds, they are only allowed up to 3 days prior to the reservation date in the voucher and are not allowed afterwards.


If you don't arrive within the departure time, it will be considered as a same day cancellation. (Non-refundable)
Programs may change depending on the situation.
It operates normally in case of rain.
Operating hours may change depending on cruise ship conditions and weather conditions.
You can get a 100% refund and change the date of use in case of cancellation due to cruise ship conditions and weather conditions.
In case of cancellation due to weather or safety issues, we will inform you individually and you can change the date of use.
A full refund will be given if the schedule is canceled due to less than 50 passengers or natural disasters.
Before boarding, all boarding passengers should visit the ticket office, fill out the boarding declaration form, check the ID card, and receive the ticket.
When boarding, you must fill out the boarding declaration form and show your ID card. You can take a picture of the front of your ID card and present it.
The boarding pass must be issued by 3 minutes before the departure time. You cannot board the ship unless you have the boarding pass.
If you change the number of people on board, you have to cancel the entire reservation and buy it again.
When making a reservation, you must enter the actual user information in the 'Name' and 'Contact Number'.
The product you receive may vary from the image provided.
It cannot be used in conjunction with other events/promotions/coupons.
Business hours may change according to the government's social distancing guidelines. (Please check with the store before using.)
Once the order is confirmed, the voucher will be sent to you as SMS or an e-mail.
If you haven't received the confirmed voucher, please check the spam mailbox or contact the customer center.
REDTABLE Customer Center: 02-6964-7958 (Business hours Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. / Closed on legal holidays) *For orders/bookings, please contact REDTABLE.

How to use a voucher

Please present a mobile voucher or printed voucher.

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